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The universal platform to improve patient care and optimize revenue 

We aggregate and transform data of all cardiac electronic implantable devices across vendors and adapt it to your needs. Implicity’s Cardiac Remote Monitoring platform was designed by an electrophysiologist to address precise pain points in his day-to-day practice.

AI-driven, our RM solution delivers a complete and accurate cardiovascular monitoring technology and data management tool that effectively supports health professionals in the diagnosis, rehabilitation and surveillance of their cardiovascular patients.


Optimize patient scheduling and billing

  • All data across all vendors to optimize patient scheduling
  • Detect all billing opportunities and ensure data compliance
  • Automate generation of mandatory remote monitoring reports

Deliver higher healthcare quality

  • Ability to process a large amount of CIED data
  • Full traceability of all actions performed by the medical team
  • Better responsiveness to important alerts
  • Cloud-based technology empowering real-time updates within the medical team

Improve medical staff productivity

  • One stop platform cutting unnecessary waste of time
  • Normalized data to ease navigation and reduce significantly medical staff training
  • Easy alert filtering module to focus on patients in most need
  • Integrated workflow to automate in-clinic and remote monitoring reports
  • Accelerate decision-making because of the powerful analytics and dashboards
  • Clinical information directly available (e.g. anticoagulation) when needed
  • Interoperable with your EHR
  • Simplified workflow

Elevate patient satisfaction

  • Focus on what’s important – patient-care and not administrative tasks
  • Improve patient follow-up and clinical outcome : get access at any moment to your patient’s data though continuous monitoring
  • CIED remote monitoring can reduce the need for unnecessary in-office visits

Ensure compliance

  • All-in-one technology eliminates clinical, financial and legal risks linked to outsourcing
  • Easy integration with EHR and billing services – eliminates the risk of errors and omissions.
  • Patient privacy & data compliance

Perform scalable research

  • Raw structured data enabling powerful research program on your patients cohort
  • Possibility of multi-centric research programs using one Implicity platform
  • View and interact with raw data, instead of consulting plain manufacturer PDF

Conduct prevention

  • Crossing device-generated data with patient clinical data enables medical staff to identify clinical complications before the patient becomes symptomatic

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Cloud-Based platform

No software to install and no update needed. You will always have the latest version

Intuitive interface

Implicity was created by an electrophysiologist for physicians. Our intuitive platform meets the operational needs of healthcare professionals

Available in less than 24 hours

See the data of your patients within 24 hours and start enjoying our smart-monitoring platform

Accessible everywhere

 Follow the status of your patients anywhere and anytime.  EU data privacy compliant, all our solutions guarantee secure access and data encryption  


One universal and unified platform

  •  Automated data aggregation from all manufacturers and all devices
  • Normalized data to ease navigation and reduce significantly medical staff training. 
  • Manage face-to-face visit and remote monitoring with a single tool
  • Use the same platform for clinical research, routine care or recalls management.

Real-time clear analytics

  •  Powerful dashboard for a global overview of your patient portfolio identifying patients that need your attention.
  • Implicity analytics track all devices, transmissions, alerts and workflow

Customized reports in a few clicks

  • Customized reports with your hospital graphic charter.
  • Generate in-clinic and remote monitoring follow-up reports to record or share with your referrals.
  • Include both raw data and manufacturers report

Alert Management

  •  Alerts are aggregated from all manufacturers, normalized and prioritized according your preferences to make triage easier.
  • Internal messaging tool between doctors and nurses and “refer for review” function.
  • Collaborate around alerts by assigning actions to the other team members and pinning important alerts.
  • Simplified workflow.

Audit trail

  • Full traceability of all actions performed by the medical team

Patient History

  • All relevant transmissions, events, treatment or actions on the platform are automatically available and clearly displayed via the patient timeline.
  • Longitudinal patient data across manufacturers (even if a device change is operated).
  • Access clinical data: medication, medical history and implantation indication.

High-class Customer Success

  • Real-time help online via chat function.
  • User support package available online to help with your practice (current practices assessment and recommendations)

Research Module

  • Raw structured data readily available for research.
  • Longitudinal patient data across manufacturers
  • e-CRF available.
  • Patient consent tracking.

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Details at a glance

All manufacturers

All devices

Intuitive design

Fully Integrated HL7


Event notifications

Accessible everywhere

Clear data and dashboard


Medical record and alerts history


Automatic events filtering


Manage alert processing and workflows efficiently

Raw data

Customized reports

HIPAA & GDPR compliant


Audit trail


Institut Mutualiste Montsouris adopts Implicity to improve clinic operations and provide better care.

“Implicity platform transformed our daily practices with a more fluid remote monitoring of patients. This unique platform for all manufacturers, ergonomic and intuitive, allows us to save time for processing alerts. A time that is now dedicated to optimizing our patients’ medical care. Also, the integrated billing module of the telecardiology procedure greatly facilitates the management of the telemonitoring.”

Maroussia Bigo

Nurse in charge of remote monitoring, Mutualiste Montsouris Institute