Heart Failure Remote Monitoring

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Cutting-edge heart failure management technologies aim to predict adverse events, improve life expectancy, and cut the costs of hospital readmission


Implicity platform is the only platform aggregating and processing data from cardiac implantable electronic devices and weight scales. A considerable portion of heart failure patients are also implanted with CIEDs. Having all data in one platform is extremely convenient and useful for managing patient clinical situation. Patients benefit from personalized support, which helps improve their quality of life from the comfort of their homes.

As for physicians, they have access to an operational solution that allows for preventive management of patient condition evolution. By avoiding hospitalization, Implicity Heart Failure solution also meets the challenges of healthcare costs control.

This solution is available only in France for the moment.

Product and Services to improve clinical outcome

An alert is automatically generated when the algorithm identifies a higher weight or no weighing (CE marked algorithm*)

Withings is not owned by Implicity.

One global platform – Implicity platform aggregates and process data from implantable cardiac devices and weight scales


High reliability Withings scale connected to the Implicity platform

CE marked algorithms to detect weight gain or missing data from non-usage of the scale

Regular symptom self-assessment via SMS


Specific alert management services by several nurses along with therapeutic support

Implicity platform makes it possible to monitor patients with cardiac devices and patients with heart failure on a single interface. Having all their data and information in a single platform saves time and enables early diagnosis of cardiac decompensations.

Weight alerts triage is performed by a nurse offered by Implicity. This service allows early access to alerts through facilitated discussions with the Implicity nurse and helps achieve a significant gain of time.

Dr. Jérôme Thévenin

Hôpital Privé de la Loire, Saint-Étienne

*IM009: 2021. Manufacturer: Implicity. IM009 is a software as a medical device (SaMD) intended to be used as an adjunct of a remote monitoring platform to follow-up target population patients. IM009 is compatible with devices with remote monitoring feature such as cardiac implantable electronic devices and connected weight scales. The three main intents of IM009 are to label observations generated by medical devices according to predefined categories, create clinically relevant observations for worsening atrial fibrillation and/or rapid weight gain in the context of heart failure, based on data recorded by the device and label Atrial Fibrillation burden observations generated by cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) as to be hidden or relevant for health care provider based on patient’s anticoagulation status. Hence, IM009 is designed to reduce the workload burden of healthcare providers/professionals in charge of reviewing the observations received from the patients’ devices. IM009 is not intended for use in life supporting or sustaining systems or Alarm devices and as a solely means of diagnosis. It is offered to healthcare providers/professionals on an advisory basis only in conjunction with the physician’s knowledge of ECG patterns, patient background, clinical history, symptoms, and other diagnostic information. Class I, according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. See the instructions for use for more information.