ILR ECG Analyzer*

Boost medical staff productivity by focusing on meaningful cardiac arrhythmia events

Reduces the number of false positives by 79%**


Maintaining a sensitivity of 99%**

Driven by new indications (cryptogenic stroke, syncope, etc.), by recent technological progress and by the development of remote monitoring, the implantation of ILRs (Implantable Loop Recorders) continues to increase. The number of implanted patients is expected to double in the next 10 years.

The ILR, an essential medical device for detecting arrhythmias, however, emits a high number of false-positive episodes, which makes remote monitoring particularly time-consuming.

To make your remote monitoring activity easier, Implicity is about to launch a new artificial intelligence algorithm: ILR ECG Analyzer. This software medical device reduces the number of false positives by 79% when analyzing ECG recordings from patients implanted with Medtronic ILRs, while maintaining a sensitivity of 99%.**

The benefits for remote monitoring teams:

• Improved arrhythmia detection, allowing focus on real events
• Significant time savings, allowing more patients to be monitored

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