The Implicity
Cardiac Remote Monitoring
US Research Contest

Implicity is committed to supporting CRM and CIED Research by making our advanced AI-driven Smart Remote Monitoring platform available to you for free!

Implicity is excited to announce the launch of its first Cardiac Remote Monitoring Contest, designed to support and accelerate the important research being done to advance cardiac remote monitoring, implantable loop recorder analysis, and remote patient engagement.

The importance of industry and researchers partnering has never been more critical – remote patient engagement of nearly every type has been identified by medical societies, medical companies and the healthcare investor community as one of the most important areas in need of rapid innovation and solutions.

The Implicity platform is designed to enable researchers from medical and academic centers to accumulate raw data on cardiac implants and patients easily, allowing researchers to effectively organize their information and reach publication.

Whether examining patient outcomes with remote monitoring, investigating workflow processes or efficiency,  analyzing the economic factors that influence the CRM space, understanding the impact of ILRs and remote monitoring on patient mortality, or looking at patient satisfaction and acceptance of remote care as clinical option, we are confident our platform can help you. 

If you have a project underway, or have been contemplating one for a while, reach out to us at – we would be happy to discuss your idea and work, to see how we can support you!*

Research submissions should be related to:

Cardiac Remote Monitoring, Loop Recorder analysis or related patient remote monitoring topics.

Three awards will be given

with at least one being specifically for Implantable Loop Recorder research.**

Full FREE access & support for at least 12 months

to Implicity’s advanced AI-powered Smart  Remote Monitoring platform, the new ILR ECG Analyzer*** and the Advanced Research Module.

An independent review panel of esteemed Implicity partners will be reviewing all submissions:

Dr. Niraj Varma

Cleveland, Ohio, US/ London, UK

Dr. Jag Singh

Boston, Massachusetts,

Dr. Suneet Mittal

Valley Health System Paramus, NJ/NY, US

Due to a large volume of interest in the Implicity CRM Research Contest following the recent 2022 HRS Annual Meeting,
the deadline for application submission has been moved to Tuesday, May 31st, 2022. Winners will be announced on
Friday, June 17th, 2022.

The contest is open to US based academic & medical centers, clinicials and researchers only.

No other submissions will be accepted outside of this form.

What does your research pertain to? (please choose one):

Do you currently or are planning to use a remote monitoring platform ?

3 + 13 =

*We do not accept applications via email. The sole way to submit for the contest is via the embedded form.

**There is no cash replacement value for the awards presented.

***IM007: 2021. ILR ECG ANALYZER created by Implicity is intended to be used by qualified healthcare professionals for the assessment of arrhythmias in Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) ECG data. ILR ECG ANALYZER supports downloading and analyzing data recorded in compatible formats from ICMs. This version of the ILR ECG ANALYZER only supports ECG data from Medtronic ICMs. ILR ECG ANALYZER is intended to be electronically interfaced with other computer systems (remote monitoring platforms) that supply the ECG data to ILR ECG ANALYZER and receive the output of ILR ECG ANALYZER (analysis) for viewing by healthcare professionals. ILR ECG ANALYZER provides ECG signal processing and analysis, to detect asystole, bradycardia, atrial tachycardia or atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, normal rhythm and artifacts. ILR ECG ANALYZER is not for use in life supporting or sustaining systems or ECG monitor and Alarm devices. ILR ECG ANALYZER interpretation results are not intended to be the sole means of diagnosis. It is offered to physicians and clinicians on an advisory basis only in conjunction with the physician’s knowledge of ECG patterns, patient background, clinical history, symptoms, and other diagnostic information. ILR ECG ANALYZER is interfaced with the compatible remote monitoring platform from which it receives compatible ICM data file input (Medtronic LNQ11 Medtronic REVEAL XT 9529 Medtronic REVEAL DX 9528) and to which it transmits the output. Read carefully all instructions before use. Results: sensitivity: 98.64 % (509/516), false positive rate: 24.03 % (68/283). FDA approved Class II medical device and CE marked Class I medical device (under medical device directive 93/42).

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