Masterclass Webinar: Why is disconnected patients a real concern for medical teams?

Disconnected patients management is one of the major pain points for device clinics. Around 20% of patients enrolled in remote monitoring are not transmitting which prevents them from reaping the benefits of remote monitoring. Managing non-transmitting patients is a burdensome task for all telecardiology teams as it requires a very time-consuming phone or email follow-up. An optimal organization and innovative tools may reduce the burden on medical teams and improve their workflow.

  • During the workshop, speakers will share real-life experiences with remote monitoring and disconnected patients in American and European clinics. Clinical cases will be included to illustrate pain points and solutions.
  • New innovative technologies to solve this burdensome and time-consuming issue will be presented and a short training will be provided.


Dr. Leonard Ganz – Electrophysiologist

Julien Durand – Head of Product at Implicity

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Posted on

30 June 2021