Implicity, successful French MedTech start-up, supported by EIT Health, scales-up its business across Europe and signs its first contract in Nordics – EN

Implicity, French leader in remote monitoring is now ready to take its business abroad.

Paris, July 24th 2020 – Implicity is the leading solution in remote monitoring (RM) of patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices (CIEDs) – pacemakers, defibrillators, and implantable loop recorders providing a universal remote monitoring and research platform for electrophysiology centers. The platform aggregates data from all CIEDs across manufacturers (Biotronik, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Microport) and is designed to make the remote clinical workflow more efficient and improve patient care outcomes. Implicity is also developing AI-based digital medical devices serving the future of preventive medicine.

Launched in 2016, the universal Implicity platform is used by more than 60 medical centers around the globe with more than 30 000 patients remotely monitored. After having built a strong leadership position in France, Implicity ambitions to further expand internationally.

As far as the European expansion is concerned, it will be facilitated by Implicity’s recent selection in the EIT Health Bridgehead Europe programme providing individualized support to start-ups that want to expand their business beyond their home markets. Implicity is one of the 15 start-ups selected by EIT Health to scale-up its business abroad. Early June, laureate out of the 80 applications covering biotech, MedTech and digital health solutions, Implicity has seduced by its innovative solution, business model and traction in the home market, and ambition to expand to other European markets.

« EIT Health can support start-ups throughout their development and we are always happy to see an alumni company coming back to us participate in another programme. We supported Implicity in 2018 and we are excited to accompany their European expansion in 2020. By providing them access to our network of partner accelerators, clusters and incubators, we will help Implicity open the right doors beyond its home market!”, declares Jean-Marc Bourez, EIT Health France Managing Director.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to get market insights and operational support to deploy our business in Europe and learn from high-profile Medtech. We are blessed. ”, says Dr. Arnaud Rosier, electrophysiologist and founder of Implicity.

Implicity signed a distribution partnership with a Finnish distributor to deploy its solution in Nordics.

Implicity decided to rely on local expertise and market knowledge partnering with a Nordic wholesale distributor, Cardimed. The Finnish wholesaler distributes medical equipment and supplies for hospitals, universities and surgical centers, especially in the cardiology field. Quality-focused and customer-oriented, Cardimed has a special portfolio of medical products and an excellent network of European suppliers committed to providing the best technical solutions and services to very demanding BtoB customers in Scandinavia and Baltic regions. Implicity SaaS platform is a complementary solution and a door-opener in Cardimed’s portfolio. For Implicity, this partnership enables market penetration in a new geographic area not directly covered. The partnership has already been fruitful with the coverage of 800 new patients in remote monitoring from the Central Finland Hospital District in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Unlike medical centers in France and the United States, where CIED remote monitoring benefits from Health insurance funds reimbursement, Nordics Hospital Districts support directly the Remote Monitoring (RM) practice. “Tomorrow hospital districts will not be able to survive without Remote monitoring of CIEDs. Hospital’s responsibility is to deliver the best effective healthcare and save lives. Clinical studies show that remote monitoring reduces hospitalizations, mortality, and health care costs. Setting RM as the standard care in the Scandinavian hospitals, even if there is no public reimbursement will be a must. But 4 device manufacturers, 4 remote monitoring platforms are not easy to manage. That’s why Implicity’s universal platform to monitor all patients and devices is the right turnkey solution for a successful and effective RM. We are very confident about the market potential and very enthusiastic about the product fit with the Scandinavian demands.”, declares Markku Hynninen, Business development Manager for Cardimed.

The start-up is seriously considering the expansion of the distributor network all over the world.

“ Our mission is to disseminate our innovation in as many hospitals and clinics as possible all over the world in order to improve patient care and ensure comfort of use and early diagnosis for healthcare providers. Distribution via external partners is a successful commercial model that we consider seriously. If new medical supply distributors in other geographic regions, particularly in Asia and Middle-East, are interested in promoting our solution, we would be delighted to evaluate any partnership opportunity. ” declares Thomas Habib, COO of Implicity.


Implicity – Smart Remote Monitoring

MedTech start-up in the field of cardiology, Implicity was founded in 2016 by Dr. Arnaud Rosier, electrophysiologist and doctor of health informatics. The company’s mission is to design and commercialize medical device solutions with artificial intelligence in order to transform the medical practice and improve patient care. The company is highly involved with research and development and is one of the winners of the 1st Projects Call of the Health Data Hub, giving access to the French patient health anonymous data for research. The project “Hydro” aims to develop a heart failure predicting medical device based on CIED data and is the first project approved by the French Data Protection Agency (Commission Nationale de l’Information et des Libertés), end May 2020. Implicity counts today more than 60 user facilities following-up more than 30,000 patients in the world. The company has 35 employees including a dedicated team focused on R&D

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19 September 2020