Implicity expands in the US market as it rolls out AI-empowered universal remote cardiac monitoring to over 10,000 patients

Cambridge, January 14, 2021 – Implicity, the leading remote cardiac monitoring company in Europe, officially announced its rollout into the US market via its partnership with the Phoenix-based company, IronRod Health.

Implicity and IronRod have been nominated for The Prix Galien Medstartup USA in the category of “Best collaboration in the Medtech and Digital health sector”, organized by the Galien Foundation & Business France, to support the most promising French startups to scale-up their business in the Unites States.
Implicity is the European leading solution in remote monitoring (RM) of patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) – pacemakers, defibrillators, and implantable loop recorders – providing a universal remote monitoring and research platform for electrophysiology centers. The platform aggregates data from all CIEDs across manufacturers (Abbott, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Microport) and is designed to make the remote clinical workflow more efficient and improve patient care outcome. Implicity is also developing AI-based digital medical devices serving the future of preventive medicine.

« Our objective was to acquire a universal platform for all cardiac devices to save time and manage alerts more effectively. We chose to work with Implicity because its platform fits the American market and answers our needs in terms of billing and reporting. The all-in-one cloud-based platform of Implicity met our needs: automatic reports generation, complete traceability of patient history, easy alert management system, action trail, all what is needed to improve workflow. Also, Implicity platform enables a streamlined billing process. It automatically feeds transmissions and generates reports to our billing engine to identify billable patients and manage billing procedures.” says Andrew Nash, CEO of IronRod Healthcare.

Three elements made a difference for Implicity when compared to domestic American players according to Mr. Nash. “Firstly, its easy to roll-out cloud-based platform and its supportive customer success team. Secondly, the fact Implicity goes beyond displaying manufacturer PDF reports: it gets the discrete data we need, organizes it, and displays it when we need it. Gone is the time when we had to scroll though tens of pdf reports to figure out what’s going on with a patient. And finally, the AI potential of Implicity to improve staff productivity and cardiac events prediction.” explains Mr. Nash.

Implicity is also working on a module that automates the triage of alerts. The AI algorithms can determine the criticality of each alert, based on the medical context of the patient which enables personalized diagnosis and events prediction. Productivity wise, AI-algorithms help bring scalability to medical teams while containing costs of hospitalizations. “By integrating AI to Implicity platform, we want to increase the productivity and efficacy of healthcare professionals. The benefits on routine care and research for our customers suggest that digitalization and organization around one universal tool have a significant value and is necessary to envision AI as the next step towards care efficiency.” states Dr. Arnaud Rosier, CEO of Implicity.

Implicity ensures that its solutions meet the highest security standards, setting out a commitment to health professionals and their patients around the collection and use of medical data. The company provides high level of security and data protection in compliance with European and international data privacy regulations such as ISO 13485, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. The collaboration with ClearDATA, Texas-based company, confirms Implicity’s commitment in meeting American exigencies in sensitive data safeguard and compliance.

There are 5 million estimated patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices in the United States but as of today, only 30% of them are connected to a remote monitoring system despite a proven reduction of 38% in mortality rate within the first year and a class 1 A recommendation from HRS Expert Consensus guidelines. In the context of the current health crisis, remote monitoring is no longer an option, but a must, being recommended by all international scientific associations as the key solution to provide continuity of care for vulnerable patients with rhythm disorders.
Implicity – Smart Remote Monitoring
Implicity provides a remote monitoring and research platform used by Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities and cardiac electrophysiology centers to deliver better care of high quality for their patients with connected Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices. On this platform, Implicity aggregates, normalizes and standardizes data from any implantable cardiac device across all manufacturers. Furthermore, Implicity carries out R&D on AI-based algorithms aiming at improving patient care and serving the future of preventive medicine. Implicity has been the first private company authorized to access the Health Data Hub , one of largest databases of patients with heart diseases in the world, supporting the development of its AI solutions. Implicity covers more than 30,000 patients in over 60 medical facilities across Europe and the United States.

IronRod Health
IronRod Health is a mobile health monitoring software and service provider dedicated to better care and lower costs. The company achieves this goal by managing and integrating all aspects of mobile patient monitoring, including patient education, in-clinic services, emergency service, remote monitoring, clinical reporting, billing and more. This unique model results in unparalleled continuity of care, greater efficiency and better financial results. IronRod Health partners with all specialties, surgery centers, hospitals and device manufacturers nationwide. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, IronRod Health personnel also operate from client sites across the country.


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[4] Health Data Hub is a health data platform put in place by the French government to combine existing health patient databases and facilitate their usage for research and development purposes.



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19 January 2021