Implicity and Withings develop a solution for the remote monitoring of heart failure patients

Paris, June 3, 2021 – Implicity, in collaboration with Withings, announces the official launch of its complete solution for monitoring heart failure patients.

Implicity expands its line of products and services with a dedicated heart failure solution. The European leader in remote monitoring of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED), the company offers a universal platform that aggregates data from all CIEDs from the five main manufacturers (Abbott, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and Microport). Implicity is the first contributor to the ETAPES program with more than 40,000 patients with implantable cardiac devices and heart failure included and remote monitoring in more than 70 medical centers in France.

This collaboration with Withings confirms the common commitment to improving the remote monitoring of patients using connected, ergonomic and reliable products from the Withings ecosystem and the analysis of the data collected, in the secure Implicity environment. “We are proud of this collaboration which once again shows the potential and reliability of our connected objects for remote monitoring projects. The development of this complete remote monitoring solution is a fine example of the future of medical monitoring and Implicity is securing a spot as a partner of choice”, declares Antoine Robiliard, Vice-President Withings Health Solutions

Launched in 2020 as a pilot phase, the remote monitoring solution for heart failure patients is today a proven complete solution, deployed in around fifteen medical centers in France including the Groupement des Hôpitaux de Institut Catholique de Lille, the Center Hospitalier Chalon -on-Saône, the Private Hospital of the Loire, the Private Hospital of Dijon Bourgogne …

Compatible with the ETAPES program, a trial that encourages and financially supports the rollout of telemonitoring projects throughout French territory, Implicity solution enables the remote monitoring of patients with chronic heart failure by a medical care team. Eligible patients receive an ergonomic Withings connected scale (without button or recharge) allowing easy weighing and secure transfer of weight data to Implicity platform.

Implicity remote monitoring platform, intended for medical teams, incorporates a CE marked medical device algorithm that generates an alert in the event of an increase in weight, no weighing for 3 consecutive days or inconsistent data. Additional services -provided by a team of Implicity nurses – are available to the medical team for sorting out weight-related alerts and for therapeutic support.

Recommended as the solution of choice during the Covid-19 pandemic and used every day by paramedical teams, the remote monitoring of heart failure patients makes it possible to avoid hospitalization, improve the quality of life of fragile patients and strengthen patient adherence to the treatment plan.

“Our objective is to reduce hospitalization thanks to remote follow-up by sensitizing patients to the clinical signs announcing cardiac decompensation, such as edema of the lower legs, the appearance or increase of dyspnea at rest and/or effort. Usually, patients don’t show up in time at the hospital when they decompensate. Thanks to Implicity solution, as soon as an alert appears, we can be proactive and contact the patient for a clinical reassessment. If we explain the pathology, the symptoms, and what is expected from him, the patient becomes an actor in his care and a relationship of trust and collaboration with the medical and paramedical staff develops. “, Confirms Fatiha Bouguermouh, nurse coordinator of cardiac functional explorations at Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital in Lille.

Implicity solution is the only medical software allowing – on a single platform, the remote monitoring of patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices and patients with heart failure. It is a modular solution, suitable for the remote monitoring of all patients with heart failure, whether they have cardiac devices or not.

“Approximately 50% of patients with heart failure have implantable cardiac devices. For patients with heart failure and implantable cardiac devices, the information transmitted by the cardiac devices (activity level, average heart rate, detection of atrial fibrillation, thoracic impedance, etc.) is very useful for determining the patient’s clinical condition and refine the diagnosis. This observation led us to consider the development of a CE-marked algorithm for the detection of weight variations and to collaborate with Withings for its activation. “, Supports Dr. Arnaud Rosier, cardiologist and CEO of Implicity


About Implicity

Implicity is a digital MedTech created in 2016 with a global presence and a strong leadership position in Europe. Implicity provides a remote cardiac monitoring and research platform used by Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities and medical centers to deliver high-quality care for patients with connected cardiac devices. On this platform, Implicity aggregates, normalize,s and standardizes data from any implantable cardiac device across all manufacturers. Furthermore, Implicity carries out R&D on AI-based algorithms aiming at improving patient care and serving the future of preventive medicine. Implicity has been the first company authorized to access the Health Data Hub*, one of the largest databases of patients with heart diseases in the world, supporting the development of its AI solutions. Implicity covers more than 40,000 patients in over 70 medical facilities across Europe and the United States. For more information visit:

* Health Data Hub is a health data platform put in place by the French government to combine existing health patient databases and facilitate their usage for research and development purposes.

About Withings

Withings is the European leader in connected health. Withings designs smart products and services to help users improve their daily health and well-being. Founded by visionaries Cédric Hutchings and Eric Carreel in 2008, Withings was acquired by Nokia Technologies in May 2016 and then taken over by its founder Eric Carreel in June 2018. Withings aims to accelerate innovation in the connected healthcare world. The Withings product line, which has won numerous awards and built around the health spectrum, includes connected watches (ScanWatch, Steel HR, Steel HR Sport, Move, Move ECG, etc.), connected scales (Body, Body + and Body Cardio), wireless blood pressure monitors (BPM Core and BPM Connect), the smart thermometer (Thermo) and the sleep sensor (Sleep Analyzer). All data collected is visible in the Withings applications where the user can find coaching, motivation, as well as advice to understand the key aspects of his health.


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3 June 2021