Numérique en santé webinar – FR

The Health Data Hub (HDH) is a major initiative within France’s Artificial Intelligence strategy and is aimed to become one of the most useful and interesting sources for AI experts. The purpose of HDH is to complement the available medico-administrative open database and to store all the nation’s health data in one place to be used for research purposes. The Health Data Hub approaches research from two main aspects: support for pilot projects and provision of engineers. Currently, 42 projects are supported, of which 27 are pilot projects selected after calls for projects, and 15 are related to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Implicity project Hydro, which is a solution that predicts heart failure and limits hospitalization for patients with cardiac electronic implantable devices, was the first to receive authorization from the CNIL in June 2020.

During a webinar organized Com’Publics on January 13th, 2021,  Two project leaders within HDH shared their perspective: Dr. Arnaud Rosier for the Hydro project and Professor Pierre Marquet for Rexetris (kidney transplants) discuss the impact of the support provided by the Health Data Hub in the development and acceleration of their research.

“The Health Data Hub will allow our health research projects to scale up”

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3 March 2021