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Cutting-edge remote monitoring for routine care and research.

SaaS cloud-based and AI-driven, Implicity solutions were designed by an electrophysiologist to enable easier and effective remote patient monitoring  and foster medical research & innovation.

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Discover our 3 solutions

Cardiac Remote Monitoring

Smart vendor-neutral and cloud-based remote monitoring platform for patients with CIED, that aggregates data from all cardiac electronic implantable devices across vendors.

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Advanced Research Tool

Implicity can assist you in collecting real time data from all cardiac implantable electronic devices, conducting clinical studies, and exploring new research fields. 

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Heart Failure Module

Patients are monitored on a daily basis remotely thanks to a robust scale. An alert is automatically generated when the CE-marked algorithm identifies an increased weight or no weighing.

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Why remote monitoring is the key to deliver better patient care and improve clinical outcome?

1. Remote Monitoring of CIEDs has been the new standard of care since 2015


Recommendation 1A: HRS Expert Consensus Statement on remote interrogation and monitoring for cardiovascular implantable electronic devices, 2015, Slotwiner & al.

2. Highly proven clinical benefits


reduction in hospitalizations for atrial arrhythmia and related stroke


reduction in detection time of clinical events (1)


reduction in all-cause mortality over 3 years for ICD/CRT-D patients (2)


reduction in all-cause mortality over 3 years for pacemaker patients (2)


reduction in-hospital device follow-up visits (3)


reduction the overall mean annual cost per patient (3)

3. Million of patients with CIEDs do not benefit from remote monitoring*


out of 5 million in the USA

Only 15%-20%

out of 5 million in Europe

*Company estimate

Why this low adoption despite clinically proven benefits?

Current remote monitoring practice is flawed

Implicity Remote Monitoring platform was designed by an electrophysiologist to answer specific pain points in RM management.

Better Patient Care, Improved productivity, Optimized workflow. 


Before Implicity

After Implicity


All data standardized in one format and in one place


Simplified Remote Monitoring


Transmissions prioritized and grouped by customizable parameters


Optimized workflow and automatic reports

Our solution

Smart Remote Monitoring

1 platform – 1 password in lieu of multiple vendor portals

Unlimited number of users

Multi-hospital network coverage

Automated data aggregation


Customized reports in a few clicks

Scalable research opportunities

All data standardized in one format and in one place

Simplified Remote Monitoring


Prioritized transmissions grouped based on customizable parameters

Optimized workflow and automatic reports

Customers testimonials

During the Covid crisis and the lockdown, remote monitoring was a particular support. For our center, it did not change our functioning because patients’ follow-ups was not interrupted. As 100% of defibrillators are monitored by telecardiology, no deleterious effects were observed during the health crisis.

Prof. Pascal Defaye

University Hospital Grenoble-Alpes

Implicity platform is a summary of the medicine of tomorrow. The challenge today is to sort out the mass of information that doctors receive and effectively manage this influx of data. It necessarily involves AI and IT. We are witnessing a revolution and a digital transformation towards a predictive and personalized medicine.

Dr. Nicolas Mignot

Institut Mutualiste Montsouris