Implicity : winner of the 7th digital innovation contest !

January 15, 2018

Implicity is the winner of the CIN contest. After winning the I-LAB competition, the French Society of Telemedicine Award, Implicity continues its ascent.

Remote monitoring : finally reimbursed by french social security !

November 21, 2017

The reimbursement of the tele-monitoring of patients with connected cardiac prostheses was published in the official journal. All patients will benefit from remote monitoring, which reduces the mortality rate by 50% / year. Subject to strict methodological specifications, hospitals will be able to benefit from this reimbursement. The Implicity platform has been designed by rhythmologists to meet these specifications !

Implicity in Berlin for the E-cardiology congress

November 12, 2017

After the success met in Avignon at the end of September, Implicity presented the platform to the different European rhythmologists present in Berlin. Arnaud Rosier, CEO of Implicity, presented the platform and the importance of tele-monitoring at plenaries organized by the congress.

Implicity succeeds its first fundraising !

October 03, 2017

The young start-up has successfully raised funds from private investors and institutional investors. The presence of actors from the medical environment and more conventional investors testifies to the excellent positioning of the company, which participates in technological changes in the field of cardiology.

Implicity present at the 18th rhythmology days in Avignon

October 01, 2017

Implicity presented its platform for the first time to Avignon's rhythmology days. The platform was very well received by the medical staff.

An artificial intelligence system capable of analyzing the information that comes from a pacemaker is the idea of Implicity. A young shoot selected in the Challenges folder of 100 start-up companies to invest.

Founded in May 2016 by a cardiologist, Arnaud Rosier, and its two associates, Implicity enables cardiologists to track their patients with connected pacemakers via a next-generation platform, and leverage this data to do preventive medicine.

Implicity, start-up created in May 2016, is the winner of the Facebook Innovation Days contest, an event aimed at promoting innovation in connected health. Arnaud Rosier, cardiologist rhythmologist at the Jacques Cartier private hospital in Massy (France) and founder of Implicity, reveals the benefit of remote monitoring, in patients who have a cardiac implant, via its artificial intelligence platform.

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