Improving population health by harnessing the power of digital data fuels the innovative spirit at Implicity. Our effort is supported by the – feedback from the health providers we serve.

One way we receive feedback and assess user satisfaction is through a net promotor survey by which customers rate their user experience. The result of these surveys is a net promotor score or NPS. Scores are based on a set of questions that seek to find the likelihood that respondents will recommend a product, service, or company to someone else.

Implicity US is proud to share that – the company earned an overall net promoter score of 63 in 2022. The universal NPS scale ranges from -100 to 100+, placing Implicity at the top end of the scale. ¹

User satisfaction should not be viewed as the destination but as a daily goal that must be met with greatness to deliver the best in patient care. At Implicity, we embrace that goal every day.