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of cardiac connected devices 

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designed by cardiologists for cardiologists

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Implicity analyzes and filters  pacemaker data to optimize your time and lets you focus on what matters most.

In today's digital and connected environment, how can we accept that our patient monitoring tools are so outdated ?

Electrophysiologists and their teams don't have proper tools to monitor pacemakers and implantable defibrillators remotely. Despite the undeniable benefits for patients, such remote monitoring was not really possible until now.
Implicity   was created by an electrophysiologist to meet this challenge. Our universal, simple and elegant platform is built on one principle: to enable you to manage all your patients remotely in record time, and focus on what really matters.



 Relevant alerts

Our artificial intelligence technology treats

90% of the alerts automatically.

Start tomorrow
with all your patients

Follow all your patients whatever their device. Implicity   integrates Abbott, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Livanova and Medtronic


Put your correspondants 

in the loop

Generate reports, exchange directly with patients, nurses and correspondents through


focus on the most relevant alerts

90% of notifications sent by the current systems are false positives. Our Artificial Intelligence technology takes the patient's medical context into account and identifies the 10% events that really require your attention.


 Start tomorrow 

In 24 hours, you and your team can adopt Implicity   to follow your patients! We retrieve all the data transmitted daily, whatever the brand or the model of the device.
View all of these data in a unified and responsive interface.


your team in the loop

Medicine takes team work. Implicity helps you to collaborate with nurses and your entire team, interact with your correspondents and with the patient, in order to be more effective. Generate remote follow-up reports and send them directly from our platform.


Dr Arnaud Lazarus

Electrophysiologist, Ambroise Paré Clinic

Former President of Cardiostim

"Implicity develops a unified and more efficient patient monitoring solution"

Pr Philippe Mabo

Chief of Thoracic and Vascular division, University Hospital Center, Rennes

"Implicity has the potential to increase the practice of telemonitoring in the medical community"

Laurent Fiorina 

Electrophysiologist, Clinic Jacques Cartier, Massy

"Implicity is on track to improve the clinical outcomes of patients and their management by centers"

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