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Weeding Out False Positives from ILRs

Healthcare providers are swamped with false alarms from remote patient monitoring systems. Here’s how AI can help solve the problem. Remote patient monitoring systems have made enormous inroads in healthcare in recent years, especially for chronically ill patient...

Preventing Clinician Burnout with AI

Preventing Clinician Burnout with AI

Burnout among doctors and nurses was already a major problem facing healthcare organizations, even before the COVID pandemic – maybe even more for healthcare professionals working in the extremely demanding field of cardiology. It’s not just a matter of long hours and...

Why AI Is Becoming a Must-Have for Remote Patient Monitoring

Why AI Is Becoming a Must-Have for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring solutions are producing more patient data each year. The only way for healthcare providers to process it all – and support their patients – is with artificial intelligence-based tools. Once a technology enters our lives, it becomes impossible...

AiThority Interview with Dr. Arnaud Rosier

Dr. Arnaud Rosier, the co-founder of the health tech company Implicity, provides a window into how artificial intelligence impacts his field. Hi, please tell us about your journey in AI technology and how you started with Implicity. I founded Implicity about six years...

AI in Healthcare: Top Trends & Challenges

Dr. Arnaud Rosier, the co-founder of Implicity®, discusses how artificial intelligence can impact healthcare.  Last fall, Implicity received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for a novel AI algorithm that analyzes ECG data from Implantable Loop Recorders...

AI Drives Adoption for Remote Patient Monitoring

By drastically reducing false positives, artificial intelligence tools make remote monitoring a more practical option for cardiologists and electrophysiologists  Remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools have been around – and performing at a high level – for years. In...

September is the #AFib Awareness Month

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most frequent cardiac arrhythmia. AF is a significant burden to healthcare professional and the society in general, with an increased risk of stroke and embolism. Its incidence varies with age from 1.7% for the youngest to 23.4% for the...

Everything you need to know about Health Data Hub

Big data analysis and artificial intelligence in healthcare are among the most significant advancements in medicine so far. The AI race is on and Europe is leading with the most top AI researchers according to the H-index measure of quality. In March 2018, the...

Overview of the telecardiology evolution in France

Overview of the telecardiology evolution in France

Despite numerous and robust proofs of clinical and medico-economic benefits[1], Cardiac electronic implantable devices (CIEDs) remote monitoring was not broadly adopted in France until a few years ago due to the lack of the service reimbursement for healthcare...

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